John Burton Ltd imports green coffee beans from more than 25 countries, and distributes them to New Zealand coffee roasters.

I wireframed, designed, and built a custom WordPress theme for the new John Burton website. Utilising the Google Maps API, and adding custom post types to their new theme, I was able to showcase the locations around the world where their coffee is sourced from.

The early stages of the solution design are available here for viewing on inVision. These are a couple of design variations, which help showcase how I got to the final solution.

I used a Parallax design for the home page, and a simplistic page layout design for the rest of the website, to make the content easy to read and follow from page to page. I touched up and optimised around 200 images for this website, using Photoshop and then laying CSS styles on top.

You can check out the live site at

John Burton Ltd -